How The Letscom Fitness Tracker Stacks Up Against Big Name Brands

In a highly competitive niche, it’s hard to differentiate oneself as a business in the fitness industry. The Letscom fitness tracker has taken the affordability approach towards making itself relevant in the marketplace. However, this doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to invest in it. This is especially true if you’re an avid fitness enthusiast and require the most accuracy in your training.

When choosing a fitness tracker, you want something precise. Accurate calorie tracking, distance, step tracking, and heart rate monitoring are all important. Some people also want bonuses, such as Wi-Fi compatibility, an intuitive app, and the ability to control your MP3 player from your wrist. There are dozens upon dozens of fitness trackers for you to select. Some people are brand loyalists while others want the best deals around. Wherever you land, accuracy, usability, and design are all characteristics you want to see when choosing a product.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Setup And Usage

Upon receiving the Letscom fitness tracker, owners should charge it and download the VeryFit app. Setting it up is easy, and the on-screen prompts walk you through the process. The tracking app will also scan for other Bluetooth devices to sync with the tracker. Owners then have to set up their user profiles. In this section, they’ll add their age, gender, weight, and height.

The fitness tracker is just as simple to use as it is to set it up. Besides the left and right arrow keys, there’s not much for owners to learn when using the tracker. Simple arrow keys allow users to toggle from one screen to another. They can also change metrics and adjust personal goals with the touch of a button.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Features

Similar to other fitness trackers, the Letscom fitness tracker has several characteristics owners will appreciate. For instance, it tracks calories and steps taken each day. Additionally, it:

  • Has a stationary function that alerts wearers if they’re still for too long
  • Tracks heart rate from the wrist
  • Tracks distance the wearer travels each day
  • Has a built-in sleep tracker
  • Contains a built-in USB charger, so no cables are necessary for charging

The tracker has a battery life of up to four days on a full charge. On standby, the battery life is 7 to 10 days. There’s a remote camera, and it notifies Android users of new messages and phone calls. Additionally, owners can change time settings and add alarms as well.

What It Tracks

This fitness tracker keeps track of steps taken as well as other expensive products. What’s more, the Letscom fitness tracker also monitors calories the wearer burns each day. Furthermore, it tracks steps taken, and how many calories the wearer consumes (MyFitnessPal or other apps). It has a step tracking algorithm that minimizes errors in steps wearers take. This product doesn’t calculate steps when the owner shakes their wrist or isn’t walking. It tracks sleep patterns as well.

The Best And Worst Traits Of The Letscom Fitness Tracker

There are plenty of great attributes of the Letscom, fitness tracker. But, consumers also have to know what the drawbacks are before investing in this product. These are a few of those traits to understand before choosing this product.


  • It’s a pedometer, calorie tracker, and heart rate monitor
  • Automatically syncs date and time
  • Android iOS owners can sync the tracker with their devices
  • Water resistant
  • It’s Bluetooth compatible and has a responsive OLED touchscreen


  • Glitches in step counting accuracy
  • The OLED screen is smaller than comparable fitness trackers
  • Consumers don’t receive an instruction manual with this product
  • The app doesn’t sync well with other fitness apps

Overall, these drawbacks are trivial and don’t detract from product quality. But, it’s still worth noting for those who want to buy the Letscom fitness tracker.

Average Price Of The Letscom Fitness Tracker

There are a few models of the Letscom fitness tracker available. This aspect, and where customers purchase it, will determine its price. On most websites, consumers should expect to pay around twenty to forty five dollars for the product.

How We Reviewed

Our comparison of the Letscom fitness tracker against other products factored in several components. The wearability and usability were essential aspects of the process. We also considered the features, design, visibility, and charge times of each product. Additionally, the design and accuracy of tracking capabilities are also areas we discuss. In our analysis, we compared it with well-known fitness trackers. This information better helps consumers decide between the brand name or affordable prices. For each item, we provide the average price and ratings that owners of each product give that fitness tracker.

The Best Comparable Fitness Trackers Available

There are dozens of well-known brands and options to choose from when buying a fitness tracker. These are a few of the best items available for consumers looking for a new wearable tracker.

No products available right now

With this tracking device owners can choose from one of 14 sports modes when exercising. It is a pedometer and has a built-in heart rate monitor. It tracks calories the wearer burns on a daily basis as well. This item is also waterproof so that owners can wear it in the shower or for swimming activities. There’s a built-in USB charger, so there’s no need for multiple strings and cables to charge it.

The 0.96-inch OLED color screen is visible in light and dark settings thanks to the backlit option. The TPU straps are comfortable and durable. With 24/7 notifications, owners can see when they have an incoming call or message. Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter message alerts also pop up on the screen as they come in. Owners can adjust their target metrics to meet their personal goals. And, there’s an option to switch languages so that non-English speakers can use this tracker.

One reviewer states that although it’s a great tracker, there are certain deficiencies. The main issue they note with the tracker is that the sleep tracking isn’t precise.

This product costs thirty to fifty dollars. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

No products available right now

This pedometer, calorie tracker, distance tracker, and heart rate monitor helps wearers stay on track and remain active daily. It contains a sedentary alert monitor. If wearers don’t move for a particular time, it will vibrate and alert them to do so. The TFT color screen is 0.96 inches and features a backlight. This design makes it easy to read and wear in the daytime as well as in darker conditions at night.

Some characteristics include a countdown timer, connect mobile, GPS, and heart rate wrist sensor. Additionally, there’s a sleep tracker built into this tracker, so it can track sleep patterns, when wearers wake up, and when they are in a deep sleep. This information helps individuals better control their sleep habits to get a better night’s sleep.

In one review a customer indicates that it doesn’t have real-time tracking and monitoring. They state that the product loses a connection frequently, detracting from its otherwise good features.

The price of this item is forty to sixty bucks. The average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

No products available right now

Track heart rate, activity, sleep patterns, calories, and distance on a daily basis with this wrist tracker. It’s also waterproof so that owners can wear it to swim and shower. The automatic heart rate sensor monitors heartbeat directly from the wrist. This design allows for real-time tracking, so wearers always know their metrics. The tracking algorithm of this watch better tracks calories and steps. It uses the wearer’s weight, height, and activity levels to adjust their results when tracking.

The sleep monitor tracks deep and light sleep activities. This information will provide wearers with a better indication of how much and how well they’re sleeping. Notifications for email, voicemail and new calls arrive instantaneously via Bluetooth syncing with wireless devices. A 12-month wrist strap warranty and lifetime technical support come with the purchase of this tracker.

In this review, the customer states it broke after six weeks of ownership. It got progressively worse each week, and eventually, it would not operate at all.

The price of this tracker is thirty five to sixty dollars. The average rating is 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

No products available right now

Track your steps, heart rate, and calories, directly from the wrist each day. This item also tracks sleep patterns, so wearers know how well they’re sleeping and how much sleep they get per night. There are simplified heart rate zones, including fat burn, peak, and cardio. This information helps wearers know what zone they’re in, and how they’re performing while working out. Notifications from iOS and Android phones alert wearers directly on their wrist. And, owners can control their MP3 players from this tracker as well.

The OLED tracker has a large, vibrant screen. It has a move alert monitor for those who remain inactive for long periods during the day. It’ll vibrate to inform the wearer to stand up and increase activity levels. A Cardio Fitness Score will inform the wearers of their fitness levels. The app feature helps them track progress as they develop their fitness and cardio levels. The GPS is an excellent feature for people who like to run or exercise outdoors.

This reviewer notes that after 16 months, the tracker did not charge any longer. The company only gave them a 25 percent discount for a replacement.

The price of this fitness tracker is one twenty to one hundred fifty. The average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

No products available right now

This tracker has a calorie and step counter. It tracks exercises ranging from running to swimming and even weightlifting. It accurately monitors the heart rate, using the wrist tracking method. With a built-in sleep tracker, it monitors light sleep, heavy sleep, and when wearers wake up at night. The GPS running watch is perfect for outdoor runners. They can store their favorite routes, and save metrics to improve upon previous bests.

A large, color screen, allows wearers to view their metrics easily. The screen is adjustable as well. So, each person can change the parameters they see, during their workouts. Smart notifications connect with both iOS as well as Android owners. Additionally, owners can play music directly from their wrist by syncing their MP3 player. With the training mode on, the battery life is about 11 hours. On standby, it lasts up to 10 days with heart rate monitoring and activity tracking. The color screen has a backlit display so that owners can view information at night or in dark settings.

Poor compatibility and average tracking metrics are a couple of drawbacks one reviewer notes about this product. It does not pair well with all devices. Additionally, the tracking information isn’t as accurate as one would hope for such an expensive tracker.

The price of this product is two hundred to two fifty dollars. The average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Is The Letscom Fitness Tracker Affordable Enough VS Other Brands?

If you’re on a budget, the Letscom fitness tracker is a spectacular product. The accuracy is comparable with items that are double the price. Additionally, it has several characteristics that level the playing field with well-known brand names. Although it is not 100 percent accurate, the readings are relatively precise. For a lower-end tracker with a lower price point, this is a nice attribute. It’s wearable, easy to use, and a good option for people who want a baseline figure of their daily metrics. However, it’s not the most accurate option for a top-tier athlete that requires 100 percent precision in tracking.

For those who have a higher budget, the Garmin Forerunner 235 is an excellent tracker. In addition to heart rate tracking, it has a great fitness app. This item allows you to track calories, steps, and monitor heart rate in real-time. You can sync it with MyFitnessPal to track calories in and calories out. Further, it has a workout mode for anything you do, including running, jogging, swimming, and even a profile for weightlifting. It also has a great battery life, even with the Wi-Fi on at all times. Even though it’s expensive, it has the backing of Garmin, a leader in the industry. And the great features and wearability make it so you can wear it is as a watch. So, it’s not just for tracking fitness and activity during the day.

It doesn’t matter how much you have to spend, as there are numerous great fitness trackers to select. If you’re on a budget, the Letscom fitness tracker is a great option. Otherwise, there are several additional options to choose from when buying a new activity tracker.

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