Latest Top 10 Best Ski Smartwatch In 2022

When it comes to extreme sports in extreme weather conditions, you will think about GPS, a wristwatch with excellent battery, weather and other kinds of resistances, emergency GPS sharing, and many more.

Although previously people would carry different machines or devices for each purpose, now smartwatches can give you exactly what you need. You do not need to carry around a lot of devices; just a good smartwatch will do those work for you.

So, without any delay let us have a look at the best Ski smartwatch.

# Top 5 Best Smartwatch for Skiing & Snowboarding in the Market – Editor’s Pick

1. Garmin Instinct Solar:

Garmin Instinct Solar Tactical, Rugged Outdoor Smartwatch with Solar Charging Capabilities and Tactical Features, Built-in Sports Apps and Health Monitoring, Black

When it comes down to surviving in harsh weather or terrain, Garmin Instinct Solar is the first choice of intelligent people. It is made tactical and ready for outdoor adventures even on a snowy Ski trail. We cannot overlook the first amazing thing about this smartwatch: its solar charging abilities. Can you imagine, losing the charge of your smartwatch battery on barren snowy land where you may or may not even know which way you should be going?

So, as long as there is sunlight, your Garmin Instinct is good to go. This is possible only because it has passed the water, shock, or thermal test to get the military standard 810. It is good to wear within 100 meters into the depth of water. It has an intelligent power system manager. This will give idea which mode of watch will reduce the impact on battery life. Instinct’s display gives you the ability to see the time even with your night vision goggles on. If you want no one to find you out, just go dark by activating the mode on your smartwatch.

With the Military grid reference system and UTM, your position can be shared with other people. You can also create markings of the world map so that you can trace back yourself to your home base. There are so many more of these features. This is the best outdoor smartwatch.


  • The Instinct can draw its power from the sun. 
  • It has thermal, water, and shock resistance.
  • An efficient power manager manages the use of the battery efficiently.
  • The display can be seen even wearing night-vision goggles.
  • There is also a stealth mode. You can go dark without anyone knowing where you are.


  • Solar charging battery.
  • Stealth mode.
  • Efficient power manager.
  • Military-grade hardware.


  • Nothing so far.

2. SUUNTO Core Alpha:

We bring you now the Core Alpha from Suunto. Alpha – the name is significant, isn’t it? Alpha is supposed to be the leader of its pack. As the name says, it stands for apex-level toughness, roughness, and robustness. It has been designed and made for outdoor extreme weather and sports. It is ready to support you in whichever terrain you take it to – ice or snow does not matter.

You can go up Everest or ski down from the mountain, Core Alpha will lead you the way. It has a barometer, altimeter, compass, and weather information access to assist you on your adventure. You can even go explore the Artic area. Be it the day or the night, you can read the display at ease. Even night vision goggles will not prevent you from reading the data on the display. You will be invisible with the red backlight.

The Core Alpha has been made in Finland and has passed the Military MIL-STD-810 standard. It will safely assist you in daring expeditions. Core Alpha’s altimeter will show you how high are from the sea level. It will also track your descend and ascend records. The barometer also helps to keep an eye on the weather. If you are in the mountains, you need to know when the weather is going to hit you the hardest or when it is safer to move up or down. Core Alpha is at its best when it comes down to weather assistance. Now, rough and tough do have some charms of their own.

Suunto is not just a hunk, it also is stylish and you can wear it anywhere you go. Even if it is a high society fundraiser, Core Alpha will not diminish your glamour. Suunto has a long history of eighty years in watch making. It is famous for its accuracy, craftsmanship, and innovation.


  • Core Alpha runs apps like weather tracker, alarm, sleep monitor, etc.
  • Compass is its special feature.
  • Its case has been made from composite material and in a round shape.
  • The core is military-grade water, shock, and weather resistant.
  • It has a long history of watch making.


  • Military-grade resistance from shock, weather, and water.
  • Special compass.
  • Based on the level of use, the battery can support from 2 to 12 days.


  • With such robustness, the battery should have been a bit better. You do not want to be sitting ducks without any GPS, time, or weather information in the wilderness.

3. Garmin fēnix 5:

Talking about multisport – we cannot overlook the name of Garmin Fenix 5. If you are into sports all around the year, specially skiing then Garmin Fenix can also be on your watch list. You need to be in your best condition with your heart rate and must know the speed, distance, or step count if you want to best your record everyday even for one step or a second.

Fenix is here to stay with you all the way. Just set the correct workout or sport, and Fenix will do the rest – track your progress and upload at will when there is the connectivity: internet, wifi, or bluetooth. The readability of the Fenix 5’s display is superb with a full color, high resolution, and bright Garmin Chroma LED-backlit display. You can read data even in an ambient situation. Due to the transflective nature of the display, it can transmit and reflect light simultaneously. This enables high readability even under the brightest Sun. You can have silicone, metal, or leather straps of premium quality according to your choice. When it is a smartwatch of Fenix 5 level we cannot but have the sports or fitness functions.

The sensors of Fenix 5 are made to monitor your health holistically during your training sessions and also outside. You have heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep monitor, pedometer, and so on. You can condition your body for better running ability with HRM-Run. But that is not the end! You can even track your swimming, golfing, skiing, and many other sports with Fenix 5’s sensors. Fenix 5 is just unbelievable with so many things to offer you.


  • Fit for various sports with GPS, and heart rate monitor. Just bring your wrist up to automatically access the display.
  • Rough and rugged style and design for outdoor sports with the rear case, buttons, and bezel of stainless steel.
  • Get notifications, and connect to the online Garmin community online to win fitness challenges.
  • Fenix has a compass, GPS, gyroscope, and altimeter.


  • You can now condition your body for specific sports, such as, running, swimming, golfing, and many more.
  • It has 60 hours of battery support after a full charge.


  • Although Fenix is full of functions, it needed more strength in its battery.

4. Coros APEX Premium:

The fourth one on our list is the Apex Premium from Coros. Coros is also a good watchmaker. With Coros Apex you can customize your training sessions to your heart’s content. Apex can now effectively track your strength and interval training sessions. There are more than two hundred workout settings preloaded in Apex.

You can access the Coros website to download complex workout plans. Coros can monitor the rate of your heart beat with bluetooth and ANT+ devices or smartphone apps. If you are training in a place you do not know, then you can chart your route before you go out for a walk or a run. Set your home base, end point, and route beforehand. This will help you not loose track of your movement and you will be able to safely come back from your workout.

This is a great function to have. Just like the newest and smartest smartphones, you can now manage the apps to extend your battery life. You can see the analytics of the use of batteries by the apps. You will be able to see which app has been using the most or the least of your Coros’s battery life. Coros will also track your body’s nutrition. It will give you an alarm or vibrate to notify you to refuel with water and food during your long training session.

Apex will track your training session to effectively notify you when it is time to rest to maximize the effect of your workouts. Rest is a must after a hard exercise session. There is also sunset and sunrise track. Apex will notify you both times. The weather alert is amazing even without the internet. The barometer will tell you if a storm is coming. These features make Coros Apex a complete package.


  • You can fully customize your workouts.
  • It is possible to monitor your health holistically.
  • You can set a route of your choice for your workout session in an unknown location.
  • The battery management gives you full control over the apps that use your Coros.
  • The Apex will notify you when it is time to get your meal and water.
  • You can now recover effectively.
  • Apex can give you a storm alert.


  • Training customization.
  • Health monitor.
  • Superb tracking.
  • Storm alert.


  • With GPS on it can only last for 36 hours. This is could have been improved a little.

5. Garmin Vivoactive 3:

We are having a Garmin Galore here in this article, it seems. After Fenix 5, now it is time for Vivoactive 3 to come out under the spotlight! From the previous smartwatches from Garmin, we have very high expectations from Vivoactive 3 as well. Be it paying or playing, Vivoactive 3 is there for you. You can now make payments without even making any contact.

The weather resistance of this smartwatch is one of a kind, and you will be able to take it outside under all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Hit the shower, play football in the rain or go out to the mountains for a hike or skiing, or do some water sports with your Garmin Vivoactive 3 sitting on your wrist, no problem at all. Even under the sun, the Chroma display is still readable. The display is protected by Corning Gorilla glass. Vivoactive 3 offers swipe and slide-style menu navigation to make browsing faster and more efficient.

You can now download newer workouts and also customize your workout routine according to your wish. Vivoactive will track them once you have downloaded onto your smartwatch. It will use GPS to chart the distance you have covered during your workout.

Vivoactive 3 will also measure the oxygen level in your blood and fitness age in which you can progress with everyday workout as time passes. Paying contactless has become mainstream with Vivoactive. You can smartly pay for your shopping right from your wrist. Newer watch faces are now downloadable via the Connect IQ online store. You can also download apps and widgets.

With SmartThings, you can now interact with smart devices inside of your house. Connectivity is another strong aspect of Vivoactive 3. Just connect your smartphone, and you will be able to get the notifications from various apps from your smartphone to your smartwatch. You can listen to music, podcasts and even friends can track your LiveTrack sports. Vivoactive will upload your data to Garmin online community.

With Garmin connect you will be able to challenge yourself everyday and become stronger day by day. The online community will be the leaderboard of challenges for you. You will taste the sense of achievement every day which will grow with you every day.


  • Offers contactless payment method.
  • Awesome watch faces from IQ store.
  • Preloaded with various sports settings to choose from.
  • Oxygen level and heart rate monitors.


  • Battery life is about a week in normal mode but can be shorter depending on the use of GPS and the internet.


  • The battery should have been a bit better. With this kind of specs, the watch running in full mode can only last for 13 hours.

6. Fitbit Versa 2:

The next on our list is Versa 2 of Fitbit. In the world of smartwatches, Fitbit is a very popular name. In this section, we will introduce Versa 2 to our readers. This is a sports smartwatch for rough and tough use. You can take to your skiing vacation or competition without any worry. It has weather forecast, heart rate monitor, phone, GPS, Alexa, voice assistance, reminders, sleep monitors, and many more. It comes in carbon or black color and uses bluetooth to connect wirelessly. The iPhone 6 Plus is compatible with this product. It has a touch screen of 1.34 inches.

With Alexa on your smartwatch news from the whole world is right in front of your eyes. You can find out about the weather, set alarms, and timers, and also you can control the whole smart home of yours right from your wrist. But please note, Alexa could be unavailable in your country. Versa 2 will help you find out about the quality of your sleep based on your movement or restlessness, the rate of your heart beats, etc. You can get a personal view of your sleeping data. You can download music onto your watch via Pandora or Spotify or Deezer. Then again, you need to check if the subscription is available in your area. The information on the display is readily available with the always-on display. It is only a shake away.

Heart rate tracking is a constant function in Versa 2. You can also see how many calories you are burning or the distance of your walk or run with speed or pace, how many floors you have climbed, or you can get to see the total active hours in a day. Everything is right there on your wrist. Normally the battery can run up to a week with normal use. It will vary significantly with your use habit. It can pair with over two hundred popular Android and iOS devices.


  • Health tracking with constant heart rate monitor.
  • You can check the quality of your sleep.
  • Music download from your favorite app.
  • Track your workout.
  • Get your notifications from your smartphone to your smartwatch.


  • Sleep and heart rate monitors.
  • Instant music.
  • Workout tracking.


  • The battery runs for only about a week, and it can greatly vary depending on usage. The battery should have been better.

7. Garmin Vivoactive 4:

The Garmin Galore continues with Vivoactive 4. This is the fourth Garmin and the second Vivoactive on our list. This is another robust smartwatch from Garmin. It can monitor the level of energy of your body all day long. Based on the data you can decide to take a rest or be active to burn some calories.

The Vivoactive 4 offers you training animations. You can see the routine and repeat it at your own pace. There are workouts from various routines like yoga, pilates, strength or cardio, etc. You can also download a lot more from the Garmin Connect web community. Get your notifications smarter.

With Vivoactive 4 you can get notifications from your smartphone to your smartwatch. You need to have compatible smartphones to have access to this feature. The music is readily available through Spotify, Deezer, or Pandora, but you need to have access to these apps from your country of residence. You can have yourself tracked and your location information sent to the contacts in an emergency with this device.

Garmin always gives you a contactless payment system, and this device is also no exception. But you can only make payments at supported outlets. You can download awesome watch faces from the IQ store.


  • Smart notification.
  • Instant music from various apps.
  • Safety features via GPS location sharing.
  • Contactless payment. 
  • Awesome watch faces.


  • Contactless payment.
  • GPS sharing.
  • Music.


  • Nothing so far.

8. Ticwatch E3:

Number eight on our list is Ticwatch E3. Ticwatch E3 runs on Wear OS. It can be paired with the recent Androids. But it will not work with your phone if you do not have google play store or the Go version of Android. It also does not work with iOS. Also, compatibility can vary from country to country.

E3 has dust and waterproofing of IP68 standard, which means it can be submerged up to one and a half meters of depth under water. So, it is ok to wear E3 in a swimming pool. Violent strike or shock, and use and drop can seriously damage your smartwatch E3. you cannot do laundry or do the washing of any kind involving detergent or water mixed with soap. You should not also wear E3 while washing your hand or taking bath. If your E3 comes into contact with hair dyes, oils, sunscreens, oils, lotions, insecticides, acidic foods or acids, detergents, solvents, perfumes, chlorine, and saline water, it can also be damaged badly.

You should also avoid all sorts of direct water pressure from the hose, water skiing, waterfalls, waves, water guns, rapids in the pool or the river. Just dry it quickly and ventilate properly and put it under the sun or fan to dry quickly. If water enters the speaker or mic, the inside may not work anymore.


  • Heart monitor, GPS, sleep quality sensor, fitness tracking, oxygen level, stress monitor, etc.
  • More than twenty professional athlete modes.
  • GPS navigation with the phone.
  • 1.3 inches display, voice command.
  • Take and place call only on Android. 


  • RAM 1 GB and ROM 8 GB. Enough for storing music or podcast.
  • Track the health of multiple family members from the same watch.
  • Over a hundred workout modes including Skiing.
  • Super advanced fitness and health monitoring.
  • Essential battery-saving mode.


  • None so far.

9. Cubitt CT4 Smartwatch:

The ninth item on our smartWatch list is CT4 from Cubitt Technologies. It has compatibility with both Android 6.0 and higher and iOS 9.0 and higher. It has notifications for calls, call rejection, alerts, social media notifications, timers, alarms, etc. You can get your text messages from various other apps.

It has IP68 waterproofing. CT4 has resistance from sand, dirt, dust, and water resistance up to one and a half meters underwater for an hour. It comes in black color and with a 1.28 inches monitor.


  • It has various app support: stress tracker, fitness and health tracker, heart rate sensor, pedometer, GPS, calendar, Alarm, phone, etc.
  • In skiing, you will need strong GPS tracking for your precise route or path tracking.
  • Various sports modes.


  • Strong GPS tracking.


  • The battery charge can last once a week. It should be better for this kind of smartwatch.

10. Coros Vertix 2:

This is the last smartwatch and the second Coros on our list. Vertix 2 comes in laval color and with a 1.4 inches display. A 32 GB memory space is available. It has been built especially to survive within the very harsh weather condition. It has hybrid, topo, and landscape offline and global mapping.

The battery is built to last sixty days in normal use and with GPS a hundred and forty hours. It can communicate with Galileo, Glonass, GPS, Beidou, and QZSS satellites all the same time. It is twenty percent faster than the previous Vertix.

The screen is 1.4 inches and can show eight data items in a single section of the screen. It has a strong coating and good resistance from dust, water, etc. It has various extreme sports tracking systems for skiing, indoor rowing, ski rowing, speed surfing, and many more.


  • Excellent GPS tracking system.
  • Various health and fitness tracking settings.
  • Big storage with a faster-performing processor.
  • Larger screen.


  • Massive battery support.
  • Made for durability.


  • Nothing so far.

How to Choose Ski Smartwatch:

Choosing the best ski smartwatch requires you to do intensive research and patient decision-making. There are so many options that it is very easy to be confused. But you need to first decide exactly which function or feature you will need and use the most.

From there you can check for more options and suitability. We present you with a little help. We will list a few features you must never fail to include.

  1. GPS: It is very easy to loose your way in snow or ice. So, you need a watch that draws information from most GPS satellites.
  2. Battery: If you are stranded, you will need your wristwatch to work as long as it can.
  3. Compass: This function you cannot miss. It will show you direction if GPS is not somehow not functioning. Compass can be used with printed maps just like in the old times.
  4. Fitness Tracking: This is just another common feature but sees if there is Ski tracking or not.
  5. Heart monitor: It is the most common option.
  6. Oxygen level: You must track the oxygen level during an expedition into the icy or snowy area. If you are high up in the mountain you will need this.
  7. Altimeter: It is a must during skiing. When you are climbing you need to condition your heart and lungs according to the altitude.
  8. Barometer: You must have this to predict the weather pattern and storm possibility.
  9. Resistance: you must find the best resistance from dust, dirt, sand, snow, and water. The higher the rating the better.


We have talked about the best ski smartwatch, read some reviews of a few watches, and read some guiding points that may lead to a good smartwatch for skiing conditions. We hope this article will help you in your upcoming shopping. 


Is the band size fixed?

No, you can choose a size that fits you.

Is there an oxygen level monitor?

Yes, there is.

Does it support 3rd party accessory?

Yes, if it is compatible.

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