Best 5 ATM Smartwatch You Should Buy In 2022

ATM has become a common jargon among tech-savvy smartwatch enthusiasts. But many people come to the market without the knowledge of ‘ATM’. They are browning through contents and looking at amazing watches and suddenly face a blockage called ‘ATM’. Then they have to search and read about it to learn what it is and what it means when it comes to smartwatches.

That is why we have taken an initiative to explain the term ‘ATM’ in detail so that our readers will not have to move away from our page and finish what they come here for – to look at some awesome smartwatches.

In this article, first, we will discuss the word ‘ATM’ and then show you guys the best 5 ATM smartwatch.

ATM in Terms of Smartwatches:

If you are always working near water or if you are in water sports, you will definitely look for a smartwatch that can withstand the type of water activity you always do. To quickly find out if the smartwatch of your choice is good for your type of water activity or not is to find out the ATM rating of the watch. 

Some smartwatches mention in the advertisement if it is water-resistant or not. To measure how resistant to water a smartwatch is, the manufacturers usually put an ATM rating on the label of the package. Different devices will have varying ATM ratings based on the price you are paying. 


This sobriquet ATM is an abbreviated form of ‘atmospheric pressure’. This is also known as ‘barometric pressure’. This pressure can be felt within Earth’s atmosphere. It equals the pressure felt at sea level. In short, at the surface level sea, you will feel 1 ATM. This will increase drastically if you keep going down at the depth of the sea. This ‘ATM’ can also be expressed by the ‘bar’ term. If a smartwatch ATM rating reads 4 ATM, this means it can hold out to a pressure of 4 at sea level and will not be damaged by water.

This term ATM does not assure complete safety from water. Most times people think wrongly that if they go into the water, nothing will happen to their smartwatches. But the fact is that even with a higher ATM rating if smartwatches are put underwater for an extended period, the device will incur some damage. So, it is better not to wear them casually. You may lose your device.

# Top Best 5 atm Smartwatch in the Market – Editor’s Pick

Various Kinds of ATM:

For smartwatches, there are various types of ratings given by the ISO. Each rating has some benefits. There are a particular set of tasks you can perform within the range of those ratings. Mostly it has to do with the sealing of the inner hardware. If you can stop water from leaking into the inside of the smartwatch, then it is safe. But depends on which depth of water you are in. For a higher depth of water, you should find a higher rating smartwatch. Let us have a look at the explanation of all the ATM ratings.

0 BAR / ATM:

With zero as a rating, I guess we do not have to tell you what exactly you are supposed to do. Zero means ‘no’. So, you cannot let water steal a touch at your smartwatch. Even a little bit of water splash will damage the component of the smartwatch. So, if you are bathing, washing, cleaning, doing laundry with your hand, preparing to cook, washing dishes, washing your car or bike, swimming, or anything related to water, please take your precious smartwatch off your wrist.

3 BAR / ATM:

When they mention a number on the rating, it usually refers to the strength of the sealing of the smartwatch. When it says 3 ATM or 3 BAR, it means the sealing on the watch can withstand pressure at the depth of 30 meters in the water. But wait, did we give you the idea that you can go into the water with the watch? NO!! The funny thing is, although your watch is supposed to handle the pressure, you are not allowed to take the smartwatch into the water.

In reality, if your smartwatch is exposed to a sudden splash for a few seconds from cleaning or rainwater, it should be okay. But you cannot overexpose your smartwatch to water for more than that like you cannot take shower wearing the watch. You will find luxurious smartwatches within this category. The manufacturers put most of their efforts into design and aesthetics than reinforcing the safety of water-resistant sealing.

5 BAR / ATM:

Add a zero to the number, and your watch can withstand the pressure at 50 meters into the water. With this, your smartwatch has a good level of water-resistant sealing, and you can but are not advised to take a bath or shower, go into the swimming pool. You can do all the water-related things as long as the label says 5 ATM or BAR. You better not go scuba diving with this smartwatch. Also, you should do high-speed water sports of any kind.

10 BAR / ATM:

So, by now you should know that this rating means your smartwatch can withstand the pressure upto a hundred meters into water under sea level. It will help you snorkeling, surfing, and other water sports. This rating is only given to the smartwatches which can withstand all kinds of splashing, submerging, etc., in the water upto 100 meters.

20 BAR / ATM:

If you find this rating on a smartwatch, this means that the watch is good to be used within the 200 meters depth of the water pressure. It supports high-speed sports and skin diving. If you are a mariner or have a profession related to sea or river, this rating is specially for you. Jet skiing and other extreme water sports in addition to diving, snorkeling, etc., are fine if you wear this smartwatch.

These are the available ratings for smartwatches. Now we will be talking about the best 5 ATM smartwatch in the rest of the article. So, please, stay with us.

1. SAMSUNG Galaxy SmartWatch:

We start off our list with Samsung. We believe the name itself is self introductory. The South Korean electronic device giant Samsung has released its US version of the Samsung Galaxy watch. It supports even emailing. It can wirelessly communicate at 802.11b, 802.11g standard. It comes in silver color, with a screen size of 1.3 inches and connects via Bluetooth, and runs on Tizen 4.0 operating system. The device is only compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6 series or later. It is the best smartwatch for swimming.


  1. Galaxy watch helps to make your life better. Track your rest and activity. Connect your Samsung smartphone to your smartwatch via Bluetooth and sync data.
  2. Galaxy watch has excellent battery life. Go distance and days with a fully charged battery. Charge wirelessly – no cable no hassle.
  3. Choose from a plethora of watch faces for your smartwatch. Customise your Galaxy watch with various bracelets. Choose from various colors and sizes.
  4. Pairing is easy with compatible Android and iOS.


  1. Get a travel adapter, charging dock, various extra straps with your package.
  2. Warranty for one year for labor and standard parts.


  1. None so far.

2. Men’s Zepp E Circle SmartWatch:

The next smartwatch in our collection is Zepp E circle for men. Beautiful slim metallic bezelless body attracts the attention of the buyers. The body is only nine-millimeter thick. Comfortable to wear 24/7. You can measure the oxygen level in your blood and match the intensity of your workout. Monitor the quality of your sleep. Enjoy your smartwatch with a long battery life.


  1. Zepp E Circle showcases an awesome bezelless slim design.
  2. Comfortable to wear in any weather for a long time.
  3. Measure the oxygen level of your blood and match your workout intensity.
  4. Monitor the quality of your sleep.
  5. Battery usually will last for a week in minimal use. But GPS and other options will take up more charge.
  6. Maintain the rate of your heart with alarm, get notification from calls and other messages. 
  7. You get the notification for your sedentary position as well.


  1. Longer battery life.
  2. Sleep, heart rate, oxygen level monitors.
  3. Instant notification from the smartphone.
  4. You can check your health status even when you are underwater.


  1. None so far.

3. Baro & Peak SUUNTO 9:

The next smartwatch on our list is Baro & Peak Suunto 9. This smartwatch is suitable for various water sports. With this on, you will be able to be at your peak during your sports. Be smart and stylish with the smallest, thinnest but the toughest with Suunto 9. The battery life is good for a day to a week. You can set your watch for about eighty types of sports. It comes in black color. Suunto has been in the watchmaking craft for almost a century. 


  1. Smallest, thinnest, and the toughest ever smartwatch from the maker.
  2. Has bezel of stainless steel and sapphire glass protection.
  3. Do your extreme sports without any tension. The watch is waterproof within the depth of 100 meters of water.
  4. Do a lot with just the music control button.


  1. Can withstand water pressure within the depth of 100 meters under water.
  2. Suitable for water sports.
  3. The thinnest, toughest and smallest smartwatch from Suunto.


  1. None so far.

4. Amazfit T-Rex:

T-Rex – it does ring a lot of bells, doesn’t it? Think about the body of a T-Rex. Thick and tough skin, a fighting machine to withstand any adversity. Yes, we are talking about the Amazfit T-Rex. Its built and design stand for stability and strength. This is a military-grade outdoor sports watch. It supports GPS, calendar, alarm, email, fitness, health tracking, and many more. It comes in rock black color.

The T-Rex has connectivity with smartphones via CNSS, Bluetooth, and GPS and runs on Amazfit OS. This device is compatible with iOS 10 or higher and Android 5 or higher. You can interact with the smartwatch through the touchscreen. T-Rex is the best waterproof smartwatch.


  1. T-rex has military-grade certifications because of its resistance to difficult situations and environments. 
  2. Has an AMOLED ‘always on’ display. Just raise your wrist a bit and everything will be visible. 
  3. If you are on a mission you may not be able to charge your smartwatch for a long time. T-Rex offers a twenty days battery life after one full charge.
  4. If you are in the military, GPS is a mission-critical element. This smartwatch offers precision GPS.
  5. With 5 ATM rating, even if you have to swim a few kilometers, you will not have to worried about a broken watch. T-Rex is tougher than that.
  6. Training for body conditioning is easier with T-Rex. Make a goal and focus on heart rate as you increase the intensity of your workout.
  7. Get notifications from your smartphone to your smartwatch directly. Get weather forecast, or take calls, T-Rex has them all.


  1. Robust and tough built ensures safety.
  2. Long battery life.
  3. Very good rating against water resistance.


  1. Nothing so far.

5. HUAWEI Watch FIT:

Our next smartwatch is from the famous brand Huawei. Its Watch Fit has tremendous support for almost all commons apps out there. The supported list contains a heart rate monitor, GPS, calendar, phone, social media, messengers, reminders, sleep monitor, weather, fitness tracker, etc. Watch Fit can connect to your smartphone via bluetooth. The smartwatch can interact via the buttons and touch screen. The display size is 1.64 inches. It is 5 ATM waterproof.


  1. Fit has an AMOLED with an automatically adjusted brightness system. At 280 by 456 high definition resolution Fit can give you an amazing viewing experience. 
  2. It has personal assistant, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor, and can also measure the oxygen level in your blood.
  3. You have messaging and notification system.
  4. Fit is compatible with iOS.
  5. Customize your watch with stylish watch faces. 
  6. You can even snap photos with remotely controlled shutter.
  7. Watch over your health as you do your workout. Do not miss the sedentary alarm as you work at office or from home. Move your body for a few minutes for better health.
  8. Track your fitness goals with workout tracker.


  1. Long battery can support you upto 10 long days but heavy use will make your battery life shorter.
  2. Water-resistant with 5 ATM rating.


  1. Battery life is not what we expected. Many smartwatches have better batteries.

6. Smartwatch GARMIN Vivoactive 3:

The next on our list is from Garmin – Vivoactive 3. This is also a 5 ATM GPS smartwatch. You can use phone app and use the smartphone via bluetooth connectivity. The 1.6 inches touch screen is the only way you can interact with the watch. It is 5 ATM waterproof.


  1. Supports various common apps such as phones, health trackers, etc.
  2. Make payments with Garmin Pay without contact.


  1. Battery on this device lasts for about a week in casual usage mode.


  1. The battery should have been better.

7. Amazfit T-Rex Pro:

We have another T-Rex on our list of smartwatches. It is the Amazfit T-Rex Pro version. It comes in a meteorite black color and runs on Amazfit OS. T-Rex stands for sturdiness and super protection. It has wifi support and you can interact with it via touchscreen.


  1. T-Rex pro version is famous for its toughness. It has 15 military-grade certifications for its robustness.
  2. The global navigation system can guide you anywhere in the world.
  3. Track your body fitness level in various workout modes, sleep quality, weather, etc., with your T-Rex pro.
  4. It is not just a smartwatch but a compass, an altimeter, and a sunrise and set monitor.
  5. Charge it once and let yourself forget to charge it for a few weeks. It lasts over a week if your use is heavy.
  6. Your T-Rex Pro has a 10 ATM rating. You can literally bathe, swim, snorkel and dive into the water upto 100 meters and nothing will happen to your Rex buddy.
  7. Sports tracking has become insane on T-Rex Pro with 100 sports settings.
  8. Your T-Rex Pro is your personal assistant and your pal. It will remind you with your work schedules and events in daily life.


  1. If your T-Rex Pro can run for about three weeks straight after a full charge, what else do you want?
  2. Toughness, waterproofing, weatherproofing – it has all.
  3. Track your life with T-Rex Pro cause it leaves nothing.


  1. Anyone finding a fault with this watch should be rewarded heavily because it is a near-impossible job.

8. SAMSUNG Gear Sports:

Now, this is also from your favorite South Korean Tech Giant Samsung. The name of the smartwatch this time is Samsung Gear Sports. When it says sports this means it will not leave anything mainstream behind. First of all, we are concerned about waterproofing – it has 5 ATM rating. So, go swimming, water poloing, surfing, bathing, diving, and more without any problem but within a depth of 50 meters under water.

With a total tracking system, it tracks your heart rate during workouts. You can now control other smart devices with Gear. This smartwatch enables you to make contactless payments with Samsung Pay. You can do so many things with Gear – play music, catch rides, check the news, etc. With Samsung Gear, your smartphone has become a secondary device because you can take and place calls right from your smartwatch, read texts, check messages or notifications, and many more.

It has excellent battery life. You can connect to not just Android but also iOS. If you use in sea water, rinse and clean it. Although it tracks your health but it is by no means a medical device. For any health-related diagnosis, you must visit the hospital and see a doctor. Although it can track your heart rate but its accuracy is nowhere near the medical devices in the medical facilities. 


  1. Making the contactless payment is easy now with Gear.
  2. Health and sports tracking.
  3. It can become your primary communication device making your smartphone the secondary one.
  4. Waterproofing enables water sports without tension.
  5. It supports many apps like GPS, music, etc.


  1. Excellent battery life.
  2. Contactless payment.
  3. Health tracking.


  1. Compatibility can be an issue.

9. Amazfit GTS 2 Mini:

We seem to be unable to escape from Amazfit. On our list, this will be the 3rd time we had to bring up Amazfit. Why? The ‘amaz’ of Amazfit is cause. They are amazing smartwatches. Just like the T-Rex, we bring up GTS 2 mini for you. Although ‘mini’, how mini it is? Let us find out!

As we know Amazfit has become one of the most popular smartwatch makers on the face of the earth. They offer both smart- bands and watches. They have a long line of products but we are here to talk about smartwatches only. The owner of Amazfit is Zepp Health. It was established in September of 2015. The smartwatches from Amazfit are a symbol for an active life. People want Amazfit because they love to be active.

Amazfit is a consummation technology and stylish design. Amazfit has become the bearer of personalized style. The GTS 2 mini is an engineering wonder. It supports so many mainstream apps like heart rate monitor, pedometer, calendar, alarm, fitness tracker, and so on. It runs on Amazfit OS. you can interact through a touchscreen of 1.55 inches.


  1. Take control of Amazon Alexa to get the best out of your GTS 2 mini. You can ask to do translation, ask questions, set alarm or timer, make shopping list, etc. You can quickly find out your workout length through the GPS.
  2. The battery will support upto 14 days with common use. But if you run it in casual mode there should be no problem. The size of the battery is 220 mAh. 
  3. GTS 2 mini has settings for about seventy types of sports. So, just select one and start working out.
  4. You do not need to worry about water destroying your smartwatch because GTS 2 mini has a 5 ATM rating.
  5. Health management has become better with various sensors to detect your oxygen level in the blood, heart rate, sleep monitors will keep you in good shape.
  6. Get all your notifications right on your wrist with GTS 2 mini.
  7. Customize your GTS 2 mini with amazing watch faces available in the smartphone app.
  8. Amazon Alexa is ready for your command. You can now make good use of internet even from your wrist watch.


  1. Amazing battery life.
  2. Numerous sports settings are preloaded.
  3. Excellent health management system.
  4. Waterproof for upto 50 meters under water.


  1. Nothing so far.

10. Garmin 010-02064-00 Instinct:

Okay, let’s face it. Only four companies took away all the ten places from our list. As you can see even the last smartwatch is also from Garmin. The Instinct is another awesome smartwatch from Garmin. It is a 10 ATM-rated smartwatch and comes in graphite color. You can interact with it via the 1.27 inches screen.


  1. Instinct is designed to be tough and to withstand rough use in any environment.
  2. It is a military-grade watch with water and shock resistance.
  3. There are a compass, various GPS systems such as Galileo, GPS and Glonass, and a barometric altimeter.
  4. Track your stress level by monitoring your heart rate.
  5. In smart watch mode, it can run for about two weeks.
  6. You can connect to Garmin online community and take up fitness challenges.


  1. Excellent battery life.
  2. Good health management app.
  3. Various GPS systems ensure precision location.


  1. Nothing so far.

What to Look Shopping for Best 5 ATM Smartwatch:

Although you may have an idea of exactly what you want for yourself, you still may need a bit of guidance because there are so many options with the same specifications. When choosing a smartwatch becomes difficult, you should have only a few important things in mind. If you do that, all the rest will become secondary. You must single out the specs you must have, and then you will be able to find what you need.

For example, if you are a diver, the most important spec for you will be the ATM ratings. The higher the better. If you are a surfer or jet skier, you will need good waterproofing for your smartwatch. Just like this, you will need to find out the most important thing about your smartwatch.


We want to begin from budget. As you know when you are in the market for a high-end and high-tech gadget, you cannot have a thin wallet. There are smartwatches that you may not even be able to buy even if you keep working the rest of your life. So, you must know your purchasing ability first. For example, most watches with a 5 ATM rating may well exceed the 200 USD mark

. So, if you want something really better for your work or sports, you may need to wait a few months and save up some extra, like 400 USD. When you have some extra money to spend, your mind will be broader, and you can push the specs a bit harder for a better smartwatch. So, please, decide on a practical budget.

ATM / BAR rating:

The next will be the waterproofing rating or ATM / BAR rating to watch for. If your profession or passion is related to water then you definitely need a smartwatch that has higher ATM rating. This is the second most important aspect of your smartwatch. Because everything else is just common applications that every other smartwatch has.

The OS or operating system of the smartwatches:

Once you have singled out the smartwatches and put them on your watchlist, you should start checking everything out. Start from the compatibility and operating system. You need to always remember that your smartwatch will have to pair up with your smartphone to function in a fully potent manner. In short, your smartphone and smartwatch have to be compatible to each other. If you love iPhone, select a watch that has iOS compatibility. If needs to be in sync with your version of iOS and iPhone.

On the other hand, if you have an Android smartphone, find a compatible smartwatch. You will come across a number of smartwatches that are compatible to both iPhone and Android. Just choose the one that best syncs with your smartphone. Now, let us learn about the smartwatch OSs in short because the information will be really valuable while choosing a smartwatch for yourself.

Apple watchOS:

Apple smartwatches run on Apple WatchOS. Only smartwatches from Apple has AppleOS. This is tailored made to best fit iPhones and other services from Apple such as Siri, shortcuts, iMessage, Apple Music, Apple Maps, etc. Compared to other smartwatch platforms WatchOS has the biggest number of apps. But access to these is only possible if you own an iPhone. 

You will not be able to use watch faces from 3rd party. You can either use only the stock ones or customise them. Besides, the battery life, just like iPhones, is shorter compared to other smartwatches like Samsung and Amazfit.

Fitbit OS:

Smartwatches from Fitbit use the company’s proprietary OS. The newer releases promises Google Assistant to the consumers. Not only they are compatible to iPhone but also Android smartphones. Although Fitbit OS has a few options for 3rd party apps like Spotify, it cannot beat the collection of Wear OS or WatchOS.

Google Wear OS:

Wear OS is from Google. Smartwatches with Wear OS are compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems but their affinity toward Android phones are better. Wear OS offers a massive collection of apps and 3rd party watchfaces. Wear OS is offered by various watch makers. However, the quality of apps on WearOS is still a bit far away from the quality of Watch OS apps. Here are a few brands that offer Wear OS:

  1. Xiaomi
  2. TicWatch
  3. Suunto
  4. Skagen
  5. Puma
  6. Oppo
  7. Motorola
  8. Montblanc
  9. Hublot
  10. Fossil
  11. Emporio Armani
  12. Casio

Samsung Galaxy Watch Tizen OS:

Tizen OS resides at the heart of Samsung Galaxy Watches. Although you can pair it with both iPhone and Android phones, its affinity is better toward Android. It offers better 1st and 3rd party watch faces, but the collection of apps is not as great as the Wear and Watch OS. On the other hand, battery life is way better in Samsung watches if you have to compare them to Wear and Watch OS smartwatches.

App Selection:

Compatibility is everything when it comes to smart devices. If you are going to buy a smartwatch, you must know that depending on what kind of user you are you may have to sync and pair it with your smartphone. So, if you are a tech savvy person and you want some of your apps from your smartphone to work on your smartwatch as well, you need to find out if the smartwatch of your choice is compatible with those apps or not, like Spotify music, MapMyRun, Google Maps, ESPN, Uber, etc.

There should be 3rd party apps for the apps of your choice. But frankly, speaking apps are not as important as the other aspects such as design, color, build quality, battery life, etc. So, we will talk about the other aspects as well.

If we have to grade the selection of services and apps, Watch OS will be the winner, the second in line will be Wear OS. Tizen OS and Fitbit will come in third and fourth place consecutively. Choosing your OS is also important.

Screen size, shape, and design:

Display Shapes:

When it comes to the shape of the display of smartwatches, you will find two shapes dominate – square and circular shapes. Although the circular shapes attract your eyes and appeal to your aesthetic sense more, in terms of contents you can view more on square-shaped displays. You need to just follow your heart.

Screen Sizes:

It is better to have display or screen size bigger than 1.2 inches. Smartwatch allows you to interact with it via touchscreen display. If the display is not big enough you will not be able to read or interact with it properly. Besides, you can also choose from AMOLED and OLED displays. The viewing angle on LCDs is not as good as those two. In terms of sharpness and readability, you should choose a ppi more than 280. This will allow better graphics quality. Watchfaces, elements of UI, and texts will also look better. The brightness should be better than 600 nits but 1000 nits is the best option.

Design aspects:

As we are talking about rough and tough use, we prefer a metal casing for our smartwatches. Plastic casing is a scratch magnet and also not robust enough. Two buttons are better on a smartwatch. They make navigation easier. Tap one to wake the display and access the menu with the other and the rest is just swiping and tapping on the touchscreen. Some top-of-the-line smartwatches have bezels that you can rotate to navigate through the menu. So, again money matters!

IP68 Dust and Water Resistance:

We are talking about 5 ATM smartwatches. You need to check the rating or standard of waterproofing and dust resistance of your preferred device. It should be IP68 dust resistance and 5 ATM waterproofing or better for your smartwatches.

Sensors and Activity Tracking:

Is there any smartwatch these days without some sensors? No. So, you need to check if the sensors you are thinking about are there in your smartwatch. There should be GPS, gyro sensor, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, ECG, barometer, temperature monitor, etc. More the better, but again more means more expensive. Try to get the best out of a smartwatch within the budget.

To measure speed and steps you will need an accelerometer. A barometer helps you find out the altitude or the number of stairs you have climbed. With ECG you can get data on your heart. To track workouts like swimming. You can also monitor your sleep with this. GPS helps you find out your location or position on the current world map. You need to get as many sensors as you can get within your budget.  

Speaker and microphone:

Nowadays, you can take your call or place one through your smartwatch. This kind of smartwatch has a microphone and a speaker so that you can speak and listen at the same time. But not many smartwatches have loud speakers. Fossil, Apple, Samsung, etc., brands offer loudspeakers for your convenience.

It is not just for taking or placing calls, you will need loudspeaker or microphone if you want to give your digital assistant some voice commands. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri will require your voice command to do things for you. Sometimes, you will also see smartwatches with options like voice recording.


This is a very important matter. You will spend a some money for a smart device. It is expensive and you may have various technical or physical problems with the device. So, if you do not have a warrant that covers those troubles, there no point in buying the risky device. Only a warranty can help you in these cases.


You should keep an eye open for some important connectivity options. The first is GPS connectivity. A lot of work out routine involves GPS – running, walking, cycling, etc. The second would be a Bluetooth and a WiFi connection. These are important because you will need bluetooth to sync with your smartphone. On the other hand, Wifi is important to update firmware, and download apps and other content like podcasts, music, etc. If you want to online payment you will need NFC.

Watch Faces:

If we take watch faces into our consideration, then we must mention Tizen and Wear OS because they bring to you some awesome watch faces. Through Galaxy and Google play store, they bring even more 3rd party watch faces. On the other hand, Apple WatchOS still does not allow installing 3rd party watch faces. But you can edit the 1st party watch faces with 3rd party applications. You will need widgets for this.

Huawei and Amazfit also allow you to install 3rd party watch faces, but they are not as beautiful and there is a limitation as to how many watch faces you can store in the smartwatch’s internal storage. If you have ‘always on’ mode, you can always see your watch faces.

Straps and Skin:

Straps are the only way you can put your expensive smartwatch on your wrist and you mustn’t get any allergic reaction to the strap materials. There are a few types of straps based on the materials they use. Let us have a look at them. You can get them from any smartwatch store or from websites like Amazon.


The straps made from this material is very clear. They are resilient to water. But due to the collecting of sweat, you need to wash the straps.


Straps made from leather are very exquisite, exclusive, and rich. But as time passes, it will show sign of old age.

Metal Watch Straps:

There is a certain group of people who likes metal straps. But usually, they are not concerned about the money but the look of watch faces. Choose one if you have a favorite color.

Battery life:

It is important that your smartwatch keeps running for at least a week with a full battery. If not that, then there is no point in using an expensive smartwatch. The smartwatch you want to buy should be able to withstand heavy app use. There are so many hardware within the little casing of the watch and the battery needs to be powerful to support moving those sensors and parts.

So, look for a watch that does not make you worry for at least 3-4 days without charging. Usually, the smart watches that have the option to install 3rd party apps, do not have long battery life. Tizen, Wear, and watch OSs can only run for about 1-2 days but Xiaomi, Huawei, and Amazfit have batteries that can last for about a week to three weeks.

Everything starting from size of the screen, processors, etc., have a direct effect on smartwatch’s battery life. LCD draws more power from the battery than OLED displays. Newer hardware like processors are made to be very power efficient and older ones will draw more power. For instance, 10 nm is better than 22 nm in terms of battery use.

You need to find out the capacity of the battery because of the higher the better battery longevity. Try to find the best number for mAh on a smartwatch battery. 

Charging Technology:

Charging technology is also has a lot to do with your convenience. Nowadays, fast charging is preferable. If it takes hours before the smartwatch is fully charged, then it is a problem.

We have come to the end of the buying guide for the best 5 ATM smartwatch. We hope this will definitely give an idea of how to look for your smartwatch.


We have discussed what the 5 ATM rating is, reviewed the best 5 ATM smartwatch, and then talk about how to choose your smartwatch wisely. In this article, we hope you will find everything you may have been looking for. So, now it is up to you to find the smartwatch you cherish the most.


My work is related to desert exploration. Will this help me track my way so that I can come back to my base?

Yes, use the GPS function.

Do I need a smartphone to use this smartwatch at its full potential?

No, you do not need to be always connected to your smartphone. If you need data to be collected from your smartwatch, then you can connect. Otherwise, just use it as you use any other wrist watch.

Is the compass on this smartwatch a good one?

Look if you are going to do serious plotting on a map, buy compass hardware, not a smartwatch. Smartwatch compasses are not that great. 

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