A Review on The Optoma UHD65 Product: Yes or No?

A working Optoma UHD65

Meta: If you’re looking for a top of the line projector, Optoma UHD65 must be at the top of your list.  It’s an affordable way to have the best quality in a home theater system.

Setting up your home theater system can take time and patience. With an excellent projector, you can pull the entire room together nicely. Learn everything worth knowing about the Optoma UHD65 before you buy below. We’ll even compare it to other industry leaders. 

What is the Optoma UHD65?

The Optoma UHD65 is a 4k projector for creating your home cinema. The images are ultra-sharp high definition so that you can see the highest level of detail in each shot. The colors truly pop, and the quality of the images is breathtaking.  The UHD65 model won awards in 2018 due to the sophistication and competitive price of this HDR projector. Its technology is among the top of its class. 

Unlike many other affordable projectors, the UHD65 is compatible with $K Blu-rays and streaming services. Many people enjoy this capability because that’s where most new movies and TV shows debut these days, and this projector was designed to help you take advantage of both modes of watching your favorites without venturing into prices that cost an arm and a leg. 

Product Specifications

Because the UHD65 is a home theater system, it uses Texas Instruments’ DLP projection technology and the best 4K HD viewing capabilities. The images are incredibly sharp, and you can see four times the number of pixels than other 1080p projectors. With over 2,000 lumens, a super high 1,200,00:1 contrast ratio, and an RGBRGB color wheel, the picture quality is breathtaking and vivid. When playing Blu-rays, expect the projector to provide more subtlety in the color gradients. 

This model also comes with high dynamic range thanks to the HDR10 and a vertical lens shift with zoom. The technology that powers the UHD65 is revolutionary, and the performance is high due to DMD and XPR video processing. The PureMotion technology takes care of noise and motion blur in fast action shots as well, so every image is smooth and precise.

You can even connect a range of other media players and systems, and the built-in speakers offer a decent playback to match your screen. Two HDMI ports support HDR content, two VGA connections, and a mass of other options. Optoma throws in a setting to convert Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) to HDR, which enhances the contrast, color, and detail of Blu-rays. It won’t, however, work with other HDR formats, such as broadcast content from Hybrid Log-Gamma or Dolby Vision. 


  • Type – home theater
  • Dimensions – 19.6 x 6 x 13 inches
  • Weight – 16 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight – 29 lbs.
  • Technology – DLP
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Resolution – UHD 3840 x 2160
  • Brightness – 2200 ANSI Lumens
  • Contrast Ratio – 1200000:1
  • Number of Colors – 1073.4 million
  • Lamp Type – 240W
  • Audio-In and Audio-Out
  • Power Consumption – 317W in bright mode; 259W in eco mode
  • Audible Noise Level – 28/25 dB
  • Lens – F=2.5~3.26; f=20.91~32.62mm
  • Zoom – 1.6x manual
  • Throw Distance – 4.3~31 ft.
  • Inputs – RJ-45
  • HDMI Ports
  • VGA Ports
  • Contrast Ratio – 1200000:1
  • USB Ports


Optoma offers a price that’s competitive with other 4K projectors on the market today. A warranty is also only available through certain sellers. Tiger Direct, for example, offers either two, three, or four-year protection plants for an additional $140-$160. This warranty covers the parts and labor, and if anything happens to the electrical or mechanical systems, you don’t even have to pay a deductible or shipping costs to have your projector fixed. Optoma may also offer a warranty. However, their website doesn’t mention how. It seems customers must purchase through an outside seller and claim the warranty through them as well. 

Although Optoma’s official website explains more about their projector, you can’t buy the UHD65 on their website. The page offers a list of online retailers where you can purchase the product, including Audio GeneralPro-Tech ProjectionFull Compass, and more. Tiger Direct offers nearly a 48% savings. 

This model isn’t currently available on Amazon either. However, you can find other Optoma models, such as the UHD60

Professional installation also costs more. Expect to pay an addition $150 to $200 for a pro to come in a rig the projector up for you. 

How It Compares

The UHD65 is a competitive price to competitors on the market today. However, they typically offer much better warranty options for an expensive piece of equipment. The model is easy to use, even though you must alter the lenses manually. Setup takes little to no time, even for beginners, and you can install this projector on your own. 

Compared to more expensive 4K HDR projectors, however, the Optoma doesn’t perform as well on dark scenes. The unit does work well on other images though, so expect most pictures to appear rich in color and sharp. The competition doesn’t keep up there. 

No products found.

The Sony VPL-HW65ES, for example, is a well-loved projector at a similar price. But it doesn’t hold up to the quality, and compatibility Optoma offers. Sony does provide an immersive picture quality, fine details, and excellent contrast. However, it’s neither HD or 4K. Sony has fewer lumens as well, but the same contrast detail ratio. The UHD65, on the other hand, has a better screen resolution and smooth action shots. 

No products found.

Sony’s native 4K project for home use, the VPL-VW300ES, is closer. But even this Sony model can’t compete with Optoma’s price. This Sony option comes at an extremely high price. It does have fast response time and upscales excellent, but so does the UHD65 for a fraction of the cost. 

The Sony models also come with an interesting environmental notice about the product containing mercury, which changes the way you can dispose of or recycle the projector later. Mercury isn’t a material that’s common in forward-thinking products today, so it may not hold up well over time either. 

Warranty wise, Sony offers the best option. They have a three-year limited warranty for parts and labor and a 90-day warranty on the projector lamp. However, where Optoma shines comes with the basic user interface that’s simple to use. 

Pros and Cons

No products found.

With top of the line technology, a huge range of connectivity and audio ports, and some of the clearest pictures available, Optoma makes a decent projector. They even provide a remote that’s backlit to allow you to control the system in the dark. There are dedicated buttons you can set for quick access to your favorites, and the system itself is very simple to use. Some people may find the number of buttons to be excessive, but others enjoy having all their options in one easy-to-use location.  

The UHD65 already costs a pretty penny, so you may want to consider completing the installation yourself rather than paying an expensive pro. Due to the wide array of connections to power the projector, installation is easy for you to install yourself. Setup is extremely easy and straightforward. 

Another pro is that the UHD65 is slightly smaller than competitors, particularly among most 4K HDR projectors on the market. Because the unit isn’t exactly the most elegant design, many customers will enjoy how they can install this model easily along with the ceiling and never look at it again.  

However, consider the location you keep this projector well in advance because you’ll need to focus and zoom the lens manually. The process is a snap. All you must do is pop open a flap along the top of the projector and alter the controls. However, if you don’t want to get out a ladder each time you need to access the controls, you may want to house the unit somewhere else. 

The biggest setback to this awesome projector is the SDR to HDR conversion, which often makes the image appear overcooked. When this happens, the detail is more difficult to make out than otherwise. We don’t recommend you try it at all. The detail also isn’t as clear in dark scenes, so if you plan to watch a dark film like Batman, don’t plan on having a crisp picture. 

We also suggest setting up the speakers with a better sound system. Although the two 4-watt speakers create an enjoyable sound quality, it pairs well with other systems to create the optimal home theater. 


  • Impressive detail
  • Wide range of colors
  • Doesn’t mess up with sharp movements
  • Upscales both SD and HD films
  • Bright and clean picture quality, even when upscaling
  • No rainbow effects
  • Quiet


  • No motorized lens movement
  • Dark scenes aren’t as detailed
  • Avoid SDR to HDR conversion with this projector
  • Price may be competitive, but it’s expensive for most consumers

Our Final Verdict

We give the Optoma UHD65 a 4-star rating. Finding a seller with a decent warranty to purchase your projector through was a more complicated process than necessary. However, this model competes well with other home theater projects on the market today. 

It’s a powerful display, range of vivid color, and smooth motion sets it at top-notch. Although it doesn’t come with the additional bells and whistles you typically see in 4K high-end projectors, this model will last. For the price, this Optoma model is the best you can buy. 

Featured Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash


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