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casio smartwatch

Casio Smartwatch: Is It Worth The Hype? Let’s Find Out

A few years ago, if you decided to go into the woods for a trek, the only technology you’d carry was a compass, flashlight,...
sony smartwatch 4

Sony Smartwatch 4 – Gives You A Wealth Of Fitness Tracking...

It has been four years since the Smartwatch 3 came out. Will the Sony Smartwatch 4 ever see the light of day? What can we expect from our long wait?
movado smartwatch

How The Movado Smartwatch Compares With Other Luxury Brands

Features, design, elegance, and the best technological advances come together in the Movado smartwatch series. Here's how it stacks up to competitors.
Wearable Technology

Everything You Need To Know About The Future Of Wearable Technology

The tech industry is advancing faster than ever. From self-driving cars to wearable technology, seeing all sorts of devices is much more now than...