Astoria Vs Headset Review: Not All Virtual Reality Products Are Equal

Astoria VR Headset

Why is the Astoria VR Headset worth a look? Because virtual reality (VR) is exploding. VR is now closer to reality with an estimated installed base of close to 7 million in 2016. That is forecasted to rise to an estimated 37 million in just 4 years. The VR market, according to forecasts, will be worth at least $19 billion by 2020.

For the most part, we are sure that you are curious about virtual reality. You might have heard of immersive experiences, wherein you feel like you've stepped into a movie or become part of a video game. Can the Astoria VR Headset bring you that kind of experience, or is it a scam? That question, it turns out, is very important.

General VR Warnings Apply To The Astoria VR Headset

Before you consider buying the Astoria VR Headset, or any brand, you should know that virtual reality is not for everyone. It causes loss of spatial awareness, disorientation, dizziness, and nausea. It can also cause seizures, eye fatigue, and concentration problems.

Some manufacturers recommend taking anywhere from 10- to 15-minute breaks for every 30 minutes of being in virtual reality. If you are still curious to try it and you want to buy a VR headset, then you might consider getting the Astoria VR Headset.

Introducing The Astoria VR Headset

The Astoria VR Headset works with any smartphone that has a screen measuring anywhere from 4.7 inches to 6.0 inches. The headset will give you a 360-degree view of whatever is being displayed on your smartphone screen.

All you need is your smartphone. You do not even have to code or program anything. You just run your favorite app and then put your phone inside the headset. Wear the headset, and you are all set to go on an immersive viewing or gaming experience.

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The Astoria VR Headset has a small knob that allows you to adjust the focal length of the lens by around 0.78 inches. The built-in lenses have eight layers of nano-coating, making them durable and scratch resistant. What’s more, the Astoria VR Headset also features a leather foam that makes it very comfortable to wear. Further, to keep the headset in place, there is a durable T-strap headband.

Features And Specifications

The Astoria VR Headset allows you to watch movies and videos or play games as if you are part of the scene you are viewing. It is compatible with most smartphones and can give you a virtual reality experience with content you want to watch. It can play content from Hulu, Netflix, National Geographic, and the New York Times, among other VR-compatible sources.

You do not have to set anything up or buy additional wires or hardware if you are viewing videos. You can adjust the pupil and the focal distance for clearer images. Also, you can use the Astoria VR Headset without wearing glasses even if you are far- or near-sighted.

It uses a magnetic front plate that makes it easy to remove so that you can put your phone inside. Also, you will enjoy the eight-layer nano-coating on the lens, which minimizes eyestrain. Finally, you will love how comfortable it is to wear with the headband and the foam cushion.

The manufacturer claims that you can have 360-degree views and 1080 pixels 3D videos. However, this will depend on the smartphone you are using, not on the device itself.

Products That You Can Buy Together With The Astoria VR Headset

For a full experience, the manufacturer recommends that you buy the Astoria VR In-Ear Headphones and the Astoria VR Bluetooth Controller. This controller allows you to interact with the virtual world you are in. The controller is essential for gamers because their smartphones are inside the headset, and they will not be able to tap on it directly.

Both of these devices are available on the Astoria VR site. The Bluetooth controller has a price range of $ to $, while the in-ear headphones will cost you anywhere from $ to $.

Ratings And Reviews Of The Astoria VR Headset

The Astoria VR Headset has a rating of 2.7 stars out of 5.0 on Amazon. People griped against the poor quality of the product, even saying that the focal adjustments included do not work as they should. The video quality is also awful, according to the reviews. Some reviewers warn that the Astoria VR Headset is nothing but an expensive piece of useless hardware. Positive reviews for this item talk vaguely about how it is high tech and how it is fun to use. Lastly, there are complaints about the lack of warranty for this product. So buyers beware!

Prices of the Astoria VR Headset

Pricing for the Astoria VR Headset ranges from $ to $.

​​​​Is The Astoria VR Headset A Scam?

There is something fishy about a company that does not offer warranties for its products. But that is not all, one of the first things you will notice is the seemingly deceptive marketing practice that they have on their online store. When you are browsing the site, you will see a pop-up advertisement informing you that someone, somewhere, bought a VR Astoria product. While this is a common gimmick, it comes up once almost every five seconds, each time with a different name and location.

Even if you are not annoyed with the pop-up window regularly appearing, you might want to ask yourself if it is true that people are buying this product every five seconds. Another concern is privacy. If you do decide to buy the headset, does it mean that your name and city will be displayed on their site in the future?

Because of these red flags, plus the negative reviews on Amazon, we did a little digging. It soon became apparent that this company was up to no good. For one, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) warns consumers about their social media promotion where they offer five pairs of the Astoria VR Headset for the price of three. However, when you do opt for this, you are then prompted to buy additional, more expensive, products. If you decide to abandon your order and close the shopping cart, you will still get charged. On top of that, there are also buyers who were overcharged.

Rated F By The Better Business Bureau

According to the BBB, the alleged victims found it impossible to contact the people behind the Astoria VR Headset via their social media accounts, e-mail addresses, or telephone number. In a span of four months, disgruntled customers have lodged more than 80 complaints against the company. The number of complaints has since gone up to more than 100.

The complainants allege that Kanderian Enterprises, Inc., shipped out defective products, delivered less than the quantity ordered, or did not send the products at all. If you were one of the "lucky ones" to have received a faulty headset and you want a refund, you will have to shoulder the costs of shipping back the product. You will also get slapped with a 30 percent "restocking fee."

Further, if you do agree to all of these thinking that you will cut your losses by just getting back whatever money you can, think again. They do not give you the refund. By the time you realize what is going on, you will have lost the money you paid for the products you bought plus shipping, and the cost of shipping it back to them. All of that gone.

Others just gave up trying to locate or contact the company to ask for a refund. When a local reporter checked out the address that was listed on their website, she found the premises empty. Indeed, even the BBB has to close all complaints because they could not find the people behind Kandarian.

Alternatives To The Astoria VR Headset

With such underwhelming reviews and ratings, as well as an unsavory reputation, it is excellent news that the Astoria VR Headset has a lot of competition. If you refuse to support such a shady seller, or if you merely want to avoid the headaches, then you should check out the VR Shinecon 3D VR Goggles, ETVR Upgraded 3D VR Glasses, and the Samsung SM-R323NBKAXAR.

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The Vr Headset gives you an immersive experience for games, movies, and other content. You just put your smartphone into the goggles and start your virtual reality experience. It comes with a head strap that helps make it feel lighter to wear.

The Vr Headset also comes with a clear plastic lens that has nano-coating, which protects you from eye fatigue. It also allows you to adjust your smartphone so that you have the perfect pupil and focal distance.

The curious thing is that when you compare the Vr Headset to the Astoria VR Headset, you will probably not find too many differences. It has the same design, uses the same material, and even offers the same features. Both devices also have the same price ranges, with the VR Shinecon selling at prices ranging from $10 to $30.

The Vr Headset has a higher rating on Amazon. Customers give it a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5.0. Reviewers like its low price, allowing them to test out virtual reality without spending too much. Others recommend this VR as a gift for anyone who loves gaming or watching movies. There are also praises for how comfortable it is to wear this device is, while the image stays sharp and clear.

However, some reviewers warn potential buyers about having a small black space between their phones and the goggle. While not a dealbreaker, this might be very distracting when you are watching videos or playing a game.

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The 3D VR Headseat is yet another affordable virtual reality glasses that offers a field of view of 120 degrees, which is wider than the FOV provided by others. It comes with an optical grade clear plastic lens that makes it 30 percent clearer and sharper than ordinary glasses. You will not get dizzy using the ETVR Upgraded.

It comes with built-in earphones and earmuffs that will drown out outside noises, as well as a wholly comfortable and lightweight headgear. Even children will be able to wear this with ease. It is compatible with smartphones measuring 4.7 to 6.2 inches.

On Amazon, reviewers give the ETVR Upgraded 3D VR Headseat a 3.7 stars rating out of 5.0. Verified buyers love how well-made this product is, with an eye-catching design. Others like the low price and the features that it delivers. They also love the clear sound and images that the ETVR VR glasses provide.

However, some reviewers warn potential buyers that this product might be flimsy, with some components breaking off. This happens even when you have been using the product for only a short time. Further, there are those who complain about the blurry lenses.

Pricing for the 3D VR Headseat ranges from $ to $.

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If you have a Samsung smartphone, then you might want to choose the SM-R323NBKAXAR. The AMOLED screens on top Samsung phone will work wonders with this VR glasses. This wearable is very lightweight at only 0.76 pounds.

It uses Oculus technology, ensuring that you get the best virtual reality experiences. If you are worried about the lack of content, then you should know that the manufacturer has the Samsung VR service which gives you access to videos that are best viewed with these VR glasses.

The Samsung SM-R323NBKAXAR gets an average rating of 4.0 stars out of 5.0 on Amazon. Verified buyers love how easy it is to use them, and they report that the product performs everything it promises to do. They also praise it for its low price, but still delivers an excellent virtual reality experience. Prices for this product range from $ to $.

However, there are complaints about the plasticky build that makes the Samsung SM-R323NBKAXAR feel cheap. There are also warnings about how some Samsung phone models are not compatible with the VR glasses, and that the embedded gamepad is not that easy to use.

Pros And Cons Of The Astoria VR Headset


  • The T-shaped design of the headset will help you be more comfortable while wearing it, ensuring excellent weight distribution even with the additional weight of your smartphone. You will also appreciate the cushioning provided by the leather foam. All in all, the Astoria VR Headset is comfortable to wear and can fit most people.
  • The headset's front cover is removable, making it easier to place your phone inside. Two spring-loaded arms will secure your phone in place. What's more, this headset is compatible with most phones available now.


  • Overall, however, the Astoria VR Headset can be underwhelming. It does not have a built-in headphone, so you will need to buy one separately. The same goes for the Astoria VR Bluetooth Controller. Purchasing these devices will set you back anywhere from $ to $.
  • What's more, the video quality will largely depend on the device that you use. Plus it does not offer too many features. However, the biggest red flags are the company's unwillingness to cover their products with a warranty and the scam reports from previous customers.

Should You Purchase The Astoria VR Headset?

It is difficult to recommend the Astoria VR Headset. It promises an immersive virtual reality experience, but it does not have a headset or a controller. You will need to buy these separately, and it might cost a lot. You might probably save more with the Samsung SM-R323NBKAXAR, which already has a headphone built into the glasses. Another alternative is the ETVR Upgraded 3D VR Glasses, which has a better design and more durable build than the Astoria VR Headset.

If you buy the Astoria VR Headset from the manufacturer's website, you will pay up to five times the Amazon price. It costs the same as the VR Shinecon 3D VR Goggles and delivers the same promised features. These two devices also look very similar to each other. However, the VR Shinecon 3D VR Goggles has a higher rating than the Astoria headset. Plus it has better reviews as well.

The biggest downside to buying the Astoria VR Headset is its shady reputation. While the complaints of people varied in nature, they all had the same theme: the company scamming customers out of their hard-earned money.


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